I like Music

Everyone knows that i love movies. but i also love. music. classic rock mostly. i love classical music played on guitar (just something i am fond of) and have an appreciation for all types of music. i have Barbra Streisand and Eminem on the same playlist. Although i am not a musician myself, i play a little bit of drums and guitar but never practice on either so my skills are very limited. Any way i rarely use this blog, i just like it. my other blog- http://www.the-forgotten-reel.blogspot.com
is far more popular i am just using this one as a vent for all my little musings on life, music, school, fashion (although that subject doesn’t really interest me) and anything that comes to mind. Well good bye. (for now…)

Shoes are good for the soul

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Errrrrmmmm….. This isn’t my first blog, well it is my first blog on Word Press, but not overall. i have a few blogs on Blogspot, primarily i post on “All About Me”(www.bohemegirllife.blogspot.com). i suppose i’ll write about anything.

here we go…. well today i bought the book Breakfast At Tiffanys i enjoyed the film so i thought it a natural choice. i have yet to begin reading it but i have already read some stuff about it and in a few ways the film is different from the book, but since i liked the film before i even knew it was based on a book (i know, where have i been?) so i doubt it’ll affect my opinion on the film. okay, i just rambled on for a bit there, but hopefully you get my drift.

yesterday a ball hit me in the ear while i was playing hockey. i knew that this week would be a horrible week! although i should say last week considering that it’s Sunday today… i mean last Sunday i had a drama rehearsal that was soooooooooo boring id rather have watched Hannah Montana, then Monday. nuff said. Tuesday saw more drama rehearsals for the “big” double play night on Thursday. Wednesday was slightly better, i had rehearsals all day at the Tocsa Theatre, so no school! Thursday was an all day rehearsal then the play. boredom. we were the opening act for the more experienced students. he thing is – ours was a better play! theirs ahd no plot, it was meant to be so deep and symbolic but just came off as…. a wannabe that could’nt even dream of being a MEDIOCRE play. it was the most boring thing i had ever watched, and i saw New Moon. Then came Friday. the last day of school for the semester, i spent most of the day reading Emma by Jane Austen, and then lunch and recess playing chess. Saturday rolled by and my ear was almost whacked off, well not literally but you get the idea. well, kinda literally, i did get hit pretty hard. At least we won the game and the Jaguars remain top of the ladder! then i played t\in the grade above mine cos they were short of players. we lost. meh.

i really want to go see Wicked. the musical that is coming to Adelaide soon. i’ll have to save my money. fast. i have got to see it!!!!!! Such music! iv’e watched it on Youtube but i bet nothing equals it being live on stage.  Must. See. It

I could really go for some noodles right now

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